Monday, May 25, 2009

loving u

Sorry for the damnly dead blog
will be updated soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thinking of you.♥.

Hey loves...

Sorry for the dead blog.

I'm here again.
Wake up at 8 today, quite miracle as usually i don't wake up that early, i mean, automatically, not woken up by someone. Gong gong came just after i wake up, he want me to drive him down to town to take medicine. He made an appointment with the doctor and need to reach there by 10.
Done my house-chores and drive Gong gong to town.

Had a nice chat with Gong gong. He told me many things, advised me to study hard if really have the chance to study at Taiwan.

公公“阿超啊,你有空要看看书喔,不然去台湾忘记怎么念书了哦!” 我:“嗯,我有。有看买回来的课本”(很不好意思,其实很少看)

公公“你在路上驾车要小心啊,驾车若没有要割车就驾左边去。还有,小心别遇到路霸啊,如果不 小心撞到人家的车,不要硬硬和他吵,和他好好的说,先打给你的四伯啊(四伯是jpj)。如果遇到有人不爽你割车,他瞪你,你不要看他。好好的驾你车,让路给他先过就好.........”

It's nice to chat with Gong gong, he told me many things about his past. When passed through many places in Kuching, he said that there are very big difference compare with 20yeas before. Especially the number of vehicles on road.

After back home, my nightmare started. Why i say that? Look at the pictures below and you will understand why. God damn it. =.="

Nah, know what is this fish named? 黑苍鱼咯.... 我处理过白苍,没什么问题,可是这个.... =.="
I very dulan lo when cleaning the fish. Zzzz


Btw, today is Jie Yi's birthday, remember him? The one who took the damn sohai and kuso pictures with me on the other day. The lengzai. ^^

Went to celebrate JieYi's birthday with the gang. Lucas, Alex, Syen, Fuifui, LeeNa, and LiXuan. Ate steambot at MyHouse Steambot (杏花村火锅) near Jalan Pending.

After dinner, headed to Jalan Song
Photo session...

Richard and Colly came and joined us.

Candid shot.

The lovely birthday boy and his birthday cake.

Cute!? ^^

The Fantasy 4 during secondary school, glad that we are together again.

Say "cheese"!!!!

Had a happy and unforgetful moment with them. I love all my friends.

Me and Colly

Sigh, this post should be written and post by 6th of May, but due to many reason, now only i post up. Sorry for the late update!

Posted on 30th May, but the date i have adjust to meet the date of the event happened.

Signing off.