Thursday, December 25, 2008


.my babe pet, sO cute.

First of all, Merry Christmas!!
This is the 18th Christmas I have celebrate on. As usual, nothing special lah. No countdown, no Santa Claus, no Christmas tree, no gift.

Wake up at 9sth, be prepared to help daddy in the farm. This is our annual work, that we only work on Gawai and Christmas, as the workers all go home for celebration.

Hurt my hand during working. *painful*

Pictures, k?
I have nothing much to write on actually.

Working till 1p.m, then went home for lunch. After taking a nap, continue to work. Afternoon work is much more easier than morning one. Just chasing the piggy around. Mating season. Haha..

Didn't take any photo of their "action", quite disgusting actually.

.trying to act cool with my scooter.

*For those Muslim who view my blog, sorry if the photos make you feel uncomfortable k? This is a non-halal blog, you can make the choice. ^^

At night, parents went to relative's birthday dinner, left me and 2 brothers home. Have to gao dim our dinner ourselves. Went to town, went to Isabella. Met babe fish there. We camwhore a lots.

.my chicken chop and hot chocolate.

.kor and di.

.the stupid faces.

Left Isabella at about 11p.m. An hour later Christmas going to end, I still didn't have the feeling of celebrating Christmas, don't know why.

Tomorrow is her birthday, have to rush home earlier or else mum wouldn't let me out. Tsk tsk.

Lastly, wish myself
"Merry Christmas"

.Signing off.
.tuning to.
-Jingle Bell-

.Lonely Christmas.

You always think that you are alone, but actually you are not.
You know yourself well, more than anyone else.
You know that you are popular, many guys would like to date you out.

When you are lonely, you need someone to accompany you out,
there are tonnes lots of guys in your contact list.
Just a call or a text, I'm sure there is someone who can give you a drive,
to the place you want to go.

There is always someone for you when you need them.
When you don't need them, there is always another to replace.
Just ignore that one you don't need, and talk to the one you need.

Someone said yoou don't deserved to be alone.
Yea, you don't deserve to be.
You deserved to be love, by the one you love.

Having a great Christmas eve? How great.
You never know how is it feel, when you want to go countdown,
mum still phone you asking when you back.
When you answer maybe it will be late, she would answer
Then hang off, left you there no mood to countdown.

You wouldn't know how it feel,
cause you had a great one.

And Christmas night?
No plan
I don't know.
Most probably I will know how is it from your blog the next day?
*laugh out loud*

*p/s I never go for Christmas countdown, yea, seriously, NEVER.
Last night? Lol, went to airport, fucking damn cold. Just went there for mcd. Haha.
Met someone special there. *wink*

*p/s Updating on today's life later on.

Saturday, December 20, 2008






.signing off.
.tuning to.
-Stanley Huang. 明天见-