Sunday, November 23, 2008


It made me sad
I want to see you,
remember again...

Mum reached KL on the 2oth, the day after my prom night. I don't have enough sleep the night before. But still, i have to rush to KL central to fetch them. Raining that afternoon, made me late. I'm sorry.

Reach KL central about 5p.m something, mum, didi and muimui already there, bring them to Bukit Bintang to find a hotel. We stayed at a small hotel behind Time Square. It's so nice.

The next day, we went to Genting. I'm responsible to be a tourist driver as mum did not plan any trip to anyway, the main aim she was here, is to bring didi and mei mei to the book fair held at The Mines mall. Went genting by taxi, fuck, cost us rm100, but the meter only reach rm30++.

.pic of me and my mui mui,
the left one just take today,
the right one taken about 2 years before,
big different huh? lol.

Daikor and Daisau coming toO, so once they reach, I went to meet my E2 classmate, they are here toO. ^^ Miss them so much, though we just meet each other days before this, during the prom night. We enjoy ourselves a lots in genting, thought it's already the 2nd time we come together, but i just really enjoy the moment be together with them.


Stories told by the photos...
.they 3 are imitating the energizer.

.hoong is ready to give the 2 girls a big shock, they were posing to another camera while i captured this pic. ^^

I wasn't in most of the pictures, as I was with my family at that moment. T__T I 错过 the time play with you all la deng.

We had a fun night, went mamak at 2sth, then went back to the hotel to play cards game. Learnt Mafia, a fun game there. ^^ And played Honest and Dare.

The next morning, said Goodbye to my friends, i went back to my mum's room. Sigh, hate the time we separated.

After checking off, straight went down to The Mines with taxi. Cost rm130.

Reached there, find a cheap hotel, checking in, and didi mei mei can't wait to go to the book fair. Left me alone in the room, watching Supernatural on my laptop.

Went to the book fair alone, during the dinner time. Hungry. =.="

I bought 6 books from the book fair.

-暮水街的三月十一号 by 藤井树
-六弄咖啡馆 by 藤井树
-夏日之诗 by 藤井树
-你那边,几点? by 敷米桨
-回眸 by 痞子蔡
-拼命去死 by 九把刀


.the other 2 books aren't in the pic.



Sigh, the stupid Moral Studies lesson starts tomorrow, my short holiday ends. But nevermind, can meet with my friends in college. Yeah ^^

.Signing off.
.tuning to.
-藤井树 - The 11th March at Musui Street-

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

.tHe prom night.

*Finally, just after about a month, I'm going to write about the prom night or so called the corroboree night of SAM program taylor's college 2008.

"Everlasting Memories" was the theme for the night. Yea, everlasting memories, i really do hope that, this night will last forever, endless, and the memorable memories that we have, will always in our mind, everlasting. E2, friends from other classes as well, I love you all. I miss you all tonnes lots!

.tHe boys.

.tHe girls.Actually, nothing much to write about this prom night. Basically, it's about gathering, eating, chit-chatting, watching performance, showing-off the clothing, and the most important..........CAMWHORING. ^^

So, tonnes and tonnes of photos tell the story...

.tHe five of us.

This is my gang in Taylor, I'm not saying that the others aren't my gang, but just that we 5 always be together, everyday, after class, having lunch, having dinner as well, hanging out, pyramid, sunway lagoon, we are always together. I miss you all, dude.

.was talking to mum while this pic taken, im so not ready.

.joseph and ah gong are not ready!!.

.sorry for being rude.

I'm really disappointed with the food served. We paid rm120 for the prom night, but the food is sucks, and the drink is sucks toO. Sigh. But at least, we get a free entry ticket to MOS Euphoria, which cost about rm70. ^^ Yeah! Clubbing after dinner!

VIPs in my life...
.miss pudpudling.

.miss jaimie.

.miss jiyan.

.miss Zanggih.

.surrounded by hot girls.

.my beloved one.

.miss yenyin.

.miss kathleen.

.girls from E1.

More photos coming up... ^^

.tHe 4 of us, hoong ping is still on the way.

.hoong ping reached, and taken with erik toO.

Here, notice the following two photos, do you see anything wrong? LMAO... See carefully, i don't know what happened to me, so damn funny la. Tanganku. Apalah, salah pulak. =.="

The next three photos, taken with two lengzais from my class, Tommy Lim and Sam. I'm wandering what big topics are we discussing when the first pic was taken? Seems damn serious problem la wei. Wandering some years later, will we be still gather together, discussing about big business? Maybe business that cost millions dollar? Maybe? Lol

*psss, i miss you two toO.

Some group photo...

Sorry if we were being sO not gentlemen, letting the ladies posing below us. Sorry la ladies. You all didn't jalan cahaya. Don't worry!!
.tHe J&J.

.is he acting cool?. lol.

.caroline and ah gong.
*carol ar, din manage to take any pic with you that night, sigh.

Too much photos, sorry i can't post all up here. I just pick some to post.

And after the dinner, we all decided to go clubbing at MOS as we all have the free ticket. But damn sad, not all of our gang can enter. I'm lucky, i can enter, but joseph, yean chin and hoong ping cannot enter. Sigh, sO sad. They require us to be 18 years old to enter, so funluckily, joseph's birthday is just in few more weeks time and hoong ping is only 17 this year. And yean chin, the damn guard, don't believe yean chin is enough old to enter though he is already 19. DAMN IT!

Because of this, we just hang around the club for about 15 minutes, dance for a while, cam whoring a while, and left the place. So sad, so my first time clubbing just screwed up like this. Sedihnya.

.pics taken in MOS.

.lol, girls out there, don't jealous la, friend also can hug hug de mar, right?.

After coming out from MOS, we don't know want to go where dy. Saying goodbye to E2 friends, me, james, hoong ping, and yean chin stay at the lobby, met up with ah yee and leanne, planning to go wet after this. But since Leanne having headache, she just drive us back to Subang. And we bought some Heineken Beer from 7-11, planned to drink in my house. Met Kong Long at mamak, so we drink there. After that, yean chin, james went to my house, sleep overnight there.

Pic below : James wasn't drunk, but i dunno what's he doing, forget dy. LOL

Mum's coming to kl the next day. But we slept till noon time. Rushing to KL Central to fetch them to hotel after that.

That's all. ^^

.my zi lian pics.

.signing off.
.tuning to - Lovin' U.