Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thousands tonnes of love_______

Hey my loves one...

Sorry for the extremely lack of update in here! Omg! I just realized something ! I haven't been blogging for almost 4 months ! Miss me miss me? I'm sure you all do, cause i miss you all toO. Seriously i do.

Life is like flowing water. Unpredictable. Sometimes as smooth as lake on a still day ; sometimes it's as toilsome as a war.

But for me, nothing special.

I'm currently taking Bachelor in Engineering in Swinburne University Kuching, but honestly, I miss life in Taylors! Especially in SS15. Friends over there! I miss you guys a lots! Do contact me when you are free. Joseph, Yean Chin, Hoong Ping, Louis, and all those E2 buddies, i miss those days we hang out together. *emo-ing now..... =(

Alright, till now then, will be update on my life soon.

signing off..

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